The Thirteenth Atu

from by Eyes of Ligeia



Music recorded April 2003. Vocals recorded during the full lunar eclipse in May 2003.

In the Tarot, the 13th Atu (or Trump) is that of Death. This is not the physical death of the body, but rather a state of incubation wherein thought and magic reside to work of their own accord until they can be drawn forth again to the forefront of conscious thought.


The head of the dragon has fallen
Succumbed to the death it foresaw
Endings are but new beginnings
When the starts come right again

The thirteenth atu rules this world
Beyond death the Elect alone will endure
Though the angles are strange yet compelling
The stars must rotate right again

The moon shines down upon us
Eclipised by the he who shuns the light
The dark shadows pass over the surface
Only death may make way for rebirth

The seven stars fuard the gate to the hidden
Beyond the hidden lies the source of the flame
The flame burns within and beyond me
I become an isolator, the stars the source of my essence

Thirteen atu, thirteen oaths
Nine angles and nine ways of becoming
I sail beyond the angles
Yet the angles are the way

The one who haunts in the dark
Is the sender of livid nightmares
The shining stone is as black as the angles
Starry wisdom shows the way to the hidden source


from What the Moon Brings, released April 30, 2004




Eyes of Ligeia Atlanta, Georgia

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