What the Moon Brings

by Eyes of Ligeia

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released April 30, 2004




Eyes of Ligeia Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Polaris
I am the center of the eldritch north
The sunwheel that revolves in the night
My time is passing but supreme will I be
When the stars come right again

A constant light amidst constant change
The Dark Fire creates entrance from barrier
The infinite mind rules the finite sky
Then the stars will be right again

Hopelessly adrift in the black seas of time
A path without focus is no path at all

Polaris dreams of the Master
The one who has opened the way
Polaris brings order to madness
And madness alone brings sanity
Track Name: What the Moon Brings
Track Name: The Thirteenth Atu
The head of the dragon has fallen
Succumbed to the death it foresaw
Endings are but new beginnings
When the starts come right again

The thirteenth atu rules this world
Beyond death the Elect alone will endure
Though the angles are strange yet compelling
The stars must rotate right again

The moon shines down upon us
Eclipised by the he who shuns the light
The dark shadows pass over the surface
Only death may make way for rebirth

The seven stars fuard the gate to the hidden
Beyond the hidden lies the source of the flame
The flame burns within and beyond me
I become an isolator, the stars the source of my essence

Thirteen atu, thirteen oaths
Nine angles and nine ways of becoming
I sail beyond the angles
Yet the angles are the way

The one who haunts in the dark
Is the sender of livid nightmares
The shining stone is as black as the angles
Starry wisdom shows the way to the hidden source
Track Name: From Out of the Abysses Between the Stars
Track Name: To Call the Slow-Sailing Stars by Name
When age fell upon the world
and wonder went out of minds of men
when grey cities reared to smoky skies
tall towers grim and ugly
in whose shadow none might dream
of the benighted sun

There was a man who traveled out of life
into spaces whither the world's dreams had fled

After years he began to call
the slow sailing stars by name
and to follow them in fancy
when they glided regretfully out of sight

one night a mighty gulf was bridged
the dream haunted skies swelled down
to the lonely watcher's window
to merge with the close air of his room
and to make him a part of their fabulous wonder

Noiseless infinity eddied
around the dreamer and wafted him away